Month: July 2019

Capital is not just money, here more

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A term that is familiar to all – and yet there are many different definitions, depending on the context in which it is used. In business administration, capital is understood differently than in economics. But also areas like sociology use the concept of capital. Last but not least, it is also a colloquial word that […]

The best offers for your loan: specially tailored!

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A loan must fit within your budget and must therefore be tailor-made. If the loan is too high or the loan costs too high, you are nothing as a customer and you will only pay off the loan with a wry feeling. So be informed about the best offers on the loan market at the […]

Construction money takes you to your own home. What builders have to pay attention to.

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Dugert is the basis of real estate financing in house construction – the borrower, so the user of the construction field, receives the construction field for the purpose of building a house from a lender (banks, savings banks, financial intermediaries, insurance) and hands this money to subcontractors who build his property. Also, if colloquially the […]