German community bike sharing platform listnride ends Seedrs cycle with more than € 325,000 in funding


listnride, a community-based bike-sharing platform based in Germany, completed its crowdfunding round on Seedrs with over € 325,000 secured. listnride describes himself as a community market which allows owners of individual bicycles to rent their bicycles at travelers and locals looking to explore, independently of location. People can find and reserve a bike that suits their style and fill their needs, online. listnride is present in large urban areas such as Amsterdam, Berlin and Munich and Vienna.

“Listnride is a bike sharing platform that connects bikes to cycling enthusiasts. People can book a variety of individual bikes online, including road bikes, cargo bikes, and electric bikes. Bikes can be rented from brands, individuals and stores, creating multiple sources of income.

The company also revealed that since launch, it has seen its user base and listed bits reach over 350% of launch numbers.

As a result, we have seen a sharp increase in rental transactions, with a compound quarterly growth rate of over 200%. Six innovative bicycle brands are integrated and offer selected bicycles to the tenant community. We believe that our small cap asset model and multiple sources of income give us a stable foundation to grow our business rapidly. “

The company added:

listnride aims to be the leading bike-sharing platform that connects currently unused bikes to cycling enthusiasts. Annual bike sales in 2015 exceeded 20 million bikes in Europe alone, but we believe that many are inactive and there are a large number of unused bicycles available.On the other hand, to our knowledge, there is no centralized platform where renters can easily compare and book their style bike online and We solve these problems by connecting supply and demand in a trusted online platform.

All funds from the Seedrs cycle will be used to continue the expansion of listnride.

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