German Economy Minister Habeck opposes fracking, warns against Russian gas import ban


On Sunday April 17, German Economy Minister Robert Habeck once again snubbed the alternative option of cutting Russia’s energy independence from Russia. He opposed fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, the controversial technological practice of releasing oil and gas from deep underground. Over the years, Germany has considered relatively few shale oil drilling projects for non-commercial purposes, but as the practice has remained unregulated until now with few laws in place, governments , including the former administration of Angela Merkel, banned it.

German Economy Minister against the “destruction” of deep rock layers

On April 17, Berlin’s Economics Minister Robert Habeck dismissed the idea, saying: “In the North German plain we are sitting on a large amount of gas that can only be accessed by hydraulic fracturing. It would therefore be necessary to destroy deep layers of rock with great pressure and chemical substances to extract the gas”, according to the German television channel. Funky. “It is difficult under the Water Act, as it can have negative consequences for our environment. At the moment, no company wants that either,” he added. Germany had introduced a fracking bill in April 2015, reviving some of the proposals at the last minute as companies demanded a legal framework, but major fracking projects have been put on hold. Although he does not support drilling blasts of a mixture of water, sand and chemicals underground to obtain shale oil and gas, Habeck, of the Green Party, has often turned to the ally of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates for energy supply options.

However, he also warned against a ban on Russian gas imports, echoing statements by French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen. “An immediate gas embargo would endanger social peace in Germany,” said the German minister. “So we have to act with caution, prepare the steps carefully and be able to stick to them if we want to harm Putin,” he added. His comments were at odds with Bavarian Prime Minister and CSU chief Markus Söder, who in turn suggested allowing fracking. “We must not completely exclude oil and gas production from existing capacity in Germany,” he said. For Russian gas, Germany needs the largest possible replacement capacity. “We have to be open-minded about what is possible and what makes sense. The bans could be lifted,” he continued.

Putin warns West against phasing out Russian gas

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused Western countries of destabilizing the market and inflating prices while shifting blame from his miscalculation on green energy to the ongoing Ukrainian war and warned that the gradual halt in imports of Russian gas would have a negative impact on their economies. At the meeting of the country’s oil and gas sector, Putin said: “Now there is a wonderful reason to cover up their miscalculations and blame it all on Russia.” Putin’s remarks came as the Russian-Ukrainian war entered its 50th day. The Russian president claimed that “European countries are constantly talking about denying Russian supplies, thereby further destabilizing the market and inflating prices themselves.” He continued: “Supply from other countries that could be sent to Europe, mainly from the United States, would cost consumers several times more” thereby affecting “people’s standard of living and the competitiveness of the European economy. “.


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