German economy slows down in winter


Nuremberg (DPA)

Economists at major financial institutions in Germany have forecast a slowdown in the country’s economic growth this winter.
Among these experts, in a poll by the German news agency (dpa), Katrina Uttermol, economist at Alliance Insurance Group, said that the German economy should prepare for a difficult situation in the coming months. Eutermol expected the fall indifference to continue.
At the same time, Utermol, like last year, dismissed the winter slump in the economy, believing that weak demand from China was making the problem worse.
For his part, Mark Schuttenberg, an economist at the Deutsche Bank Research Center, rejected the rapid recovery, particularly due to rising energy prices and the global microchip supply crisis, and said: “ A significant easing of the situation is not expected before the end of spring 2022.
Fritz Kohler-Kebe, an economist at KFW, a government banking group, said the next recovery is expected to be slower than what happened in the spring, adding that it was still difficult to predict how long the shortage of electricity would last. merchandise. And take the production disruptions in the markets. Globalization. The resulting supply problems and sharp price increases, for example, have helped to slow the exit of commodity prices from the crisis.
Shuttenberg rejected the pace of overcoming the supply crunch due to technological demands, some of which were so complex that he currently expected the German economy to grow only 2.5% this year. The economy will pass to next year because it expects a growth of 4.5% in 2022. The need to compensate for the stoppage of production linked to the crisis.


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