German government denies plans to activate Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia after slow gas flow from Ukraine


BERLIN — The German government has rejected suggestions that it could activate the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany to compensate for reduced flows through Ukraine.

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A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Energy said on Wednesday that Germany was currently receiving a quarter less gas via Ukraine after Ukrainian authorities shut down a pipeline, saying it no longer controlled a compressor station key in the hands of the Russians.

Annika Einhorn, spokeswoman for the ministry, said the shortfall was partly offset by increased supplies from Norway and the Netherlands.

“Nord Stream 2 is really dead after Russia attacked Ukraine and no one is thinking of moving on to that,” she said.

At a press conference, President Biden said the United States would shut down Nord Stream 2 – a pipeline to carry natural gas from Russia to Germany – if Moscow invaded Ukraine. The German chancellor expressed her support but did not explicitly say that the project would be stopped. Photo: Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

She also noted that the majority of Russian gas reaches Germany via a sister pipeline, Nord Stream 1, rather than via Ukraine.

Germany has pledged to end Russian natural gas imports by 2024 at the latest.


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