German government offers to buy Rostock shipyard for navy


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BERLIN, June 24 (Reuters)The German government has made a bid to buy the insolvent MV Werften shipyard in Rostock for its navy, a Defense Ministry spokesman said on Friday, in a bid to increase ship repair and maintenance capabilities. warships.

Germany, in response at Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has worked to get its military back into shape after decades of post-Cold War attrition.

In a major policy shift, Chancellor Olaf Scholz pledged in February to sharply increase defense spending, including an initial fund of 100 billion euros ($106 billion) to fill defense gaps. weapons and other military equipment.

The defense ministry spokesman did not reveal how much the government is proposing to pay for the shipyard.

The German navy aims to use the shipyard in Rostock – a city on the Baltic Sea coast in the northeastern state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania where the naval command is also located – as a branch of its main arsenal in Wilhelmshaven on the North Sea coast in western Germany.

The navy also paid industry to maintain its ships, but capacity was so scarce that warships were out of commission for months waiting for a crenel to be repaired or serviced.

MV Werften, which filed for bankruptcy in January, had a payroll of around 2,000 people, including around 1,100 workers in Wismar.

It is unclear whether the navy will succeed in buying the Rostock shipyard as it must win a tender and beat potential rivals for the property.

(Reporting by Sabine Siebold, editing by David Evans, Rachel More and Josie Kao)

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