Madeira will demand “positive discrimination” from the German government


The government of Madeira will demand “affirmative action” for the region from the German government, which has placed Portugal on the travel red list, criticizing the prime minister’s “ineffectiveness” in communicating that Madeira is safe.

This is a misunderstanding on the part of the German government, said the secretary for Tourism and Culture. Lusa News Agency.

Eduardo Jesus stressed that there is no “reason to consider Madeira as a national whole and in a risk area due to a variant [of Covid-19] that Madeira does not have ”.

“Madeira does not want exceptional treatment, but wants positive discrimination because it has the conditions” for that, and “at the moment, Madeira can claim it”, underlined the government of Madeira.

German health authorities on Friday placed Portugal on the red list, a decision which will take effect from June 29 and which will force all travelers from Portuguese territory to a 14-day quarantine.

“Portugal is classified as an area of[SARS-CoV-2] worrying variants at first for two weeks “, announced the Robert Koch Institute, the German federal health agency, adding” that an extension “of this period” is possible “.

On Tuesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel criticized the lack of common rules in the European Union (EU) regarding travel and cited the increase in infections in Portugal as an example, a situation which “could have been avoided”.

“It is an impact once again on a path that we were trying to consolidate at the start of the summer and which in no way makes life in Madeira easier”, he underlined.

“We called for the intervention of the government of the Republic and, through the intermediary of the main operators with whom we had relations in Madeira, we sent the same information to the respective German officials, seeking to prevent this from happening. produce, ”he said.

The latest data released on Friday by the Regional Health Directorate indicates that Madeira has registered nine new cases of Covid-19, 11 more recovered, has 65 active situations and five hospital patients, none in the intensive care unit.


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