Olaf Scholz: Ask a German political expert anything about the change of chancellor


gThe new German Chancellor and Angela Merkel’s successor is Olaf Scholz, ending weeks of uncertainty after the inconclusive result of the September elections.

Mr Scholz is from the Social Democratic Party (SDP), which has struck a deal to form a power-sharing coalition government with the Free Democrats and pro-business Greens.

Ms Merkel did not seek re-election for a fifth term and her parliamentary bloc, the Christian Democratic Union of Germany and the Christian Social Union of Bavaria (CDU / CSU), performed poorly at the polls.

However, while the center-left SDP and the Greens have made record gains, neither have secured a majority.

Mr Scholz’s own party overwhelmingly backed the coalition proposal at a conference on Saturday, followed by conservative Free Democrats and Greens in their own rallies, clearing the way for the lower house of the Bundestag to elect its new chancellor Wednesday December 8).

But who is Mr. Scholz? What will his leadership mean for the UK, for Europe and for the rest of the world?

To answer some of these key questions around the German Chancellery, Professor Matt Qvortrup, professor of political science and international relations at Coventry University and expert on Angela Merkel, will be present at a live event ” Ask me anything “organized on this page.

Professor Qvortrup is the author of the bestselling book Angela Merkel: Europe’s most influential leader and given his knowledge, he will be able to provide insight into questions such as whether this new German government is being tougher on China and the big issues currently affecting German politics.

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