Prowise Obtains German Government Approval with BSI IT Gru


The German Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) has awarded Prowise the hallmark “IT-Grundschutz”. The digiboard manufacturer from the Netherlands is the only EdTech company in the world that can carry this safety certificate.

The BSI tests and assesses how companies manage information security and data storage. Prowise received this certificate for the development of Prowise Presenter, Prowise Screen Control and Prowise Cloud Services, the generic name for cloud infrastructure.

Recognition by the German government is crucial as these programs and services are used in schools around the world. Whether it’s sharing a math lesson, remotely installing an app on the touchscreen, or something as simple as saving a photo, Prowise ensures it’s done according to the strictest requirements. higher in terms of data protection. For example, the data is stored on Prowise’s own servers in the European Union, not shared with third parties and not marketed. This way, schools are assured of privacy-free education.

The audit lasts approximately one year and focuses on thousands of varied items in the areas of privacy regulations, information security, data storage, risk management systems and related applications or platforms. . The first round requires full documentation and determines whether a company can actually be audited. This is followed by a comprehensive on-site audit during which all internal and external processes and systems are reviewed.


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