Statistics of the week: where AI is booming in the German economy


The federal government wants to invest five billion euros by 2025 as part of its AI strategy. The aim is to make Germany “a leading site for the development and application of AI technologies”.

This market is already developing very dynamically: according to IDC, more than 50 billion US dollars were spent on artificial intelligence systems last year. 100 billion mark set to be crossed by 2024, infographic says by Statista and technology review broadcasts. Compared to that, public investments make a pretty clear impression.

At 11.3% of market volume, the automation of customer service offerings – including the corresponding cost savings for employees – is the most lucrative. This means, for example, chatbots that take on increasingly complex tasks. This is followed by the automation of sales processes and the automated detection and defense of threats, whether fraud or cyberattacks.

And how far has AI penetrated the German economy? Eight percent of companies surveyed by the Bitkom industry association are now using the corresponding technologies, and 30 percent are considering or discussing the introduction of AI.

It doesn’t seem like much at first, but it’s a lot more than it was two years ago.

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