Tesla factory in Berlin gets final permit from German government


The German Handelsblatt reported that Tesla’s planned car plant near Berlin has received final approval from German authorities. The company is preparing for an event (opening ceremony) scheduled for March 22 or 23. According to reports, Elon Musk will attend the event and deliver the first 30 German-made Model Y Performance Editions to lucky owners. However, obtaining the license does not mean that Tesla can begin production immediately. There are other conditions that the company will have to meet before starting production.

With months-long delays in getting final approvals at Tesla’s Berlin factory, Tesla has had ample time to refine and fine-tune the production process so they are ready to begin production work on test earlier. Tesla’s Berlin factory will start producing four Model Y test cars this week, all of which are long-range versions. Three of the four vehicles will come with 19-inch Gemini wheels, and the fourth will have optional 20-inch induction wheels. Also, unlike the performance test cars, these long-range test cars are not equipped with radar.

It’s unclear when Tesla’s Berlin factory will officially begin mass production of the long-range version of the Model Y. However, building these test cars will help validate the final mass production effort. After all, the staff will still have to fine-tune the production line to be compatible with both models.

The process of obtaining approval for its Berlin factory is very slow. Musk previously said the Berlin factory could be approved last summer, but it was delayed by about nine months.

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Oklahoma passes new regulations that could force Tesla out of the market

The U.S. state of Oklahoma today passed new car sales regulations (Act 3994), prohibiting businesses without dealer license. If these companies do not have a reseller license, they be kicked out of the Oklahoma market. Tesla is using the Engage platform to appeal for community support to fight the bill. Tesla says the bill could ban manufacturers like it from servicing and shipping cars into the state. If the bill passes, some of Tesla’s existing California stores will have to close.

Additionally, the bill could also require Oklahoma Tesla owners to travel out of state to pick up and service their vehicles. Tesla does not allow third parties to service or work on its vehicles. This is one of the main reasons why Tesla’s after-sales services are very slow.


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